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          Food Processing

          For Food Manufacturers … Bold New Tastes and Flavors

          We’re passionate about delivering fresh ideas and great flavor.  

          That passion begins with our 50,000+ proprietary seasoning formulas, which are supported by Fuchs Group. But that’s just the baseline. From there, we work with you to create seasoning blends that will meet your specific taste requirements.  

          Tap into our special expertise in consumer taste trends to help guide you to fine flavors that will spice up your product line, delight your customers, and drive more revenue and profits to your bottom line.  

          Our standard and stock seasoning solutions include formulations for:

          · Snack and cracker items (sweet and savory)

          · Sauces & condiments

          · Salad dressings, dips and spreads

          · Refrigerated, frozen, and shelf-stable prepared meals and side dishes

          · Bakery products

          · Soups and gravies

          · Meat, poultry and seafood glazes, rubs and marinades

          · Menu items for restaurant chains and other foodservice establishments

          · Gluten-free and non-GMO products

          We can also do it:

          · “Duplicate” your own existing formulas

          · Reconstruct a particular taste

          · Create completely new custom blends to meet your special flavor branding or product requirements

          Fuchs China Co.,LTD.

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